Food Quality - Causes infertility, your food causes infertility
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You know how your food causes infertility

Hello friends. Before now, we have uploaded two articles, we have told you that the two factors which affect pregnancy are how they affect pregnancy and causes infertility, like man’s laziness and man is more dependent on the machine. Today we are going to discuss through this article, how a human weakens his body with his food, so that he struggles to produce a child in the future.

Friends, today is the time when India is a progressive nation, and India also has a large gathering. In which today the number of young Indians is the highest, and India is also an emerging market.

Food Quality – Causes infertility

Due to this, almost everything has become a business in India, due to this, almost everything in India has become a business, even our food goes through a business process.
In India today, the population is more and the land growing food is getting less,
India is running in the blind race for development. There is no time to even think about how our food should be.

Nowadays our food is prepared by the use of chemical fertilizers, various harmful chemicals are used to cook fruits.
And we are so entangled in other works that we do not pay attention to this and use them as impure. We are giving more importance to fast food by not having proper Indian breakfast in the morning, ready-to-eat food made from the market is now becoming a part of our daily routine.
Such food does not contain any nutrients, especially in the food items found in Indian markets, you have this special quality, we eat them again and again for taste.

Now it is to be understood that when our body is not able to get the necessary nutrients, then our body will be weak, in such a situation, the body can suffer from various types of diseases before time, and before the time you are old. Will happen.

Need a strong body for pregnancy

Pregnancy is very difficult in a weak body. If any kind of nutrients is not available in the required amount in the body, then the body stops itself from moving towards pregnancy. You should start preparing for this, you should make the necessary changes in your food, for this you can also contact a good dietician.
At the same time, you have to do yoga and physical hard work to make the body strong, only then you will be able to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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