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Yellu Amavasya Festival of Karnataka

Name of Festival : Yellu Amavasya Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Yellu Amavasya, also spelt as Ellu Amavasya, is observed on No Moon day in Margashira month (Margasira Amavasya) December .

Major Territory of Celebration
Yellu Amavasya is one of the major festivals in Karnataka specially celebrated by the farming community of the region of Karnataka, India

Worship in Festival
In this Festival people worship Earth for good crops.

About Festival
This festival is marks the culmination of the Kharif season. Literally in Kannada, Yellu means sesame grains and these sesame symbolize Lord Shani.

The festival is celebrated to mark gratitude towards the mother Earth for good crops. People celebrate the festival with great devotion to thank mother Earth for good harvest in the particular year and pray for same in the coming year.People also worshipped the ‘Yellu Amavasya’ in their homes. After it they goes to maruto temple in the morning and whole family visit their respective fields along with special cuisines like : Holige, bread from bajra flour, a vegetable curry, butter etc. for further festivity of the day. They pick up five smooth stones from their fields and worship them. Some people also worshipped the cattle .After that small quantity of the various dishes brought by them is thrown in various directions in the field as a symbol of offerings.

Another major Amavasya festival dedicated to Mother Earth and to crops is – Polala Amavasya

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