Why reduced movement of the baby in the womb
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Why reduced baby movement in the womb

Hello friends, today we are talking baby movement in the womb. Becoming a mother of any woman is her biggest gift from God, when her baby does something for the first time, and she feels the movement, it is from the movement of the baby that the woman realizes motherhood, and An unbreakable relationship begins between the two.

Often the women who are becoming mothers for the first time, wait eagerly for how long their baby will stir. When will they feel the movement of the baby?
We are going to discuss –
When does any mother feel less baby movement?
When should you feel the most baby movement?
And if the baby does less movement then what are the reasons for that.

What to do, let’s discuss.

When does any mother feel the baby movement?

For women who have become mothers before, it is not so difficult to feel the movement of their baby as it is difficult for women who are becoming mothers for the first time because they have experienced before which they know If a woman is becoming a mother for the first time, then how will she know that her baby has started stirring.

Most women, who are becoming mothers for the first time, start feeling the hustle and bustle of their child for 20 weeks. But women who have become mothers before can feel this movement even before 18 weeks.

20 weeks means the time around 4 months 10 days. At this time, you will feel a slight movement. A little strong movement like kicking will not be felt. At this time you will have to feel a lot of agitation by meditating.

Gradually, this movement will start to increase. You will feel a little strong movement, you will clearly understand kicking, hands, and you will also feel a flutter in the inner part of the body.

You must keep in mind a special thing, if you do not understand the movement of your baby even for 24 weeks, then it is possible that you are not able to understand. Second, it can also happen that if the movement is not happening, then go to the doctor and do a checkup, so that you can be sure that your baby is healthy.

This means from 24 weeks, about 5 months, and 20 days, if you do not understand the movement for so many days, then see the doctor.

When should your baby feel the most movement?

Your baby’s movement will continue to increase with the increase of pregnancy and it will be very good till about 7 months and 15 days and after that, it will start to decrease gradually. Because now gradually there will be a shortage of space with him, due to his development, the space for the baby starts to decrease.

When you are busy with some work, it may happen that your attention is not paid to this and you cannot recognize the movement of the baby. Most babies stir while pregnant. In the third trimester, the baby becomes more active, and by the end of it, it can stir 16 to 45 times in an hour.

Baby does less movement than what are the reasons for that.

You should keep in mind one thing and if you feel that your baby is stirring more than usual, it is getting clogged, then this is also a signal of some kind of problem for the baby.

You should consult a doctor immediately, such as if the placenta gets stuck in the throat of the child, he will have trouble, it will increase the movement more.

If your baby is doing less action according to what you know, the movement is decreasing, then you should see a doctor immediately because there can be many reasons for this.

If the baby is reducing movement, then one of the reasons is that your food is not quality food. Your baby is not getting enough nutrients. Because of which the energy of his body is low, or it can be said that the baby is weak.

You have some kind of infection in the child. Even if he becomes ill, the movement of the child decreases.

If your lifestyle is not liked by your unborn baby, that is, your lifestyle is obstructing the child’s upbringing, then you have to refocus on your lifestyle. Will have to work on it. Because it weakens the child, he may also get hurt.

Sometimes the brain or body of a child is not fully developed due to jeans or lack of essential mineral vitamins in the body. This happens very rarely, but because of this, children are sometimes stirless in the womb.

Whatever the situation is, if you feel that the movement of the fetus has reduced, or is happening, then you should see a doctor immediately. You should get your checkup done as soon as it is given to you.

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