Why is the baby's heartbeat sometimes not heard after the first-month Pregnancy
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Why is the baby’s heartbeat sometimes not heard after the first-month Pregnancy?

Mothers ask that I have a 5-week or 6-week or 7-week pregnancy, and yet we are unable to hear the baby’s heartbeat, or in which week the heartbeat begins to make sense.

However, mothers do not realize the baby’s heartbeat in early times. This experience is only when ultrasound occurs in pregnancy. She is able to see the ultrasound, and if she can see the beating of the child’s heart, then only she realizes motherhood.

The baby’s heart starts forming after 22 days of pregnancy. It is processed after about 3 weeks. In the fourth week, but at this time there is no heartbeat in the child. After the fourth week of pregnancy, the 5th week of pregnancy starts, this week the four chambers of the child’s heart begin to develop.
Because there are only four chambers in the heart of humans, those chambers begin to develop.
It develops very rapidly, and by the sixth week of pregnancy, it takes a beating, sometimes by the end of the fifth week.
Or it may take a little time, there is no fixed time.

In about the sixth week, the heart rate is 100-160 beats per minute (bpm). At this time you can see the beats on the ultrasound monitor.

Week eight: The baby’s heartbeat has a steady rhythm.
Tenth week: Heart rate increases to 170 bpm and becomes almost constant at 130 bpm at birth.

When is the pulse detected:

Now you want to know when you will hear this beat or when you will know.

The baby’s heart starts beating around six weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, you may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat in your first ultrasound scan at six weeks. This scan may be a transvaginal scan (TVS), in which you may also be able to see the baby’s heartbeat.

If you have an appointment with your doctor after 10 – 12 days, then with the help of a doppler you can hear your baby’s heartbeat.

If you do not have a TVS at the beginning of pregnancy, and you are unable to hear the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler during a check-up with the doctor, then maybe you hear the baby’s beat in a nuclear translucency (NT) scan.

NT scans are performed between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. Keep in mind that it is more common to hear the baby’s heartbeat, usually between 11 and 13 weeks.

Sometimes what happens is that within 6 weeks, 7 weeks, parents are unable to hear the beating of their coming child. If he is finding out in any way, then in such a situation, they come under a lot of tension. They start worrying that the child is not well or not.
We believe they are worrying at the wrong time without knowing some facts.

Baby’s heart depends on what:

How soon you can hear your baby’s heart will depend on:

The position of the baby in the uterus: what is the position of the baby in the womb of the woman. On which angle is it set in the womb. In the initial time, when the beat is very light, then it makes a difference. Sometimes, even though there is a beating, it is not heard.

Your weight: Sometimes due to the weight of the woman, sometimes there is a thick layer of fat on the stomach, which causes hearing loss in the heartbeat. Sometimes the beat is heard with the help of a doppler. Because the beats are very light in the initial time.

Accuracy of pregnancy time: No one knows the accuracy of pregnancy. Due to pregnancy only, the day of the missed period is considered as one month, while the day is considered as 1 month. On that day, the womb is for a maximum of 25 days and is at least 10 days old, it can be any number of days between them.

It may happen that what we are considering as the fifth week is the third week, so whenever you try to listen to the baby’s heartbeat you always try after 8 or 9 weeks, then only you will get the right result.

We hope you have found the exact answer to your question.

Some people might want to know what a doppler is,
A Fetal Doppler is a handheld ultrasound device used to detect a baby’s heartbeat.

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