Why a woman's nipples are black in pregnancy | How to Care
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Why a woman’s nipples are black in pregnancy | How to Care

Women who become mothers for the first time experience a lot of trouble, and they do not understand how to take care of their bodies. Today we will tell you through our post that if during pregnancy, the color of the nipple of the breasts becomes dark, then why it becomes so. How should we take care of them during pregnancy?

A woman’s body is quite sensitive compared to men, and a woman’s breasts are considered highly sensitive. This should also show the beauty of the woman. At the time of pregnancy, the woman’s nipples become dark, which does not look good at all, and the woman herself does not like it.

During pregnancy, a large amount of hormonal changes take place in the body of a woman, which is very important during pregnancy, for the purpose of growth of the child.

The condition that a woman undergoes during pregnancy is due to hormonal change. It is known that the color of our skin depends on a pigment called melanin. The more melanin in your body, the darker your skin color will be. During pregnancy, there is an increase in your body’s levels of estrogen, progesterone, and a hormone called MSH. The higher the level of MSH, the more melanin is produced in your body, and increasing melanin means darkening of your nipple, especially the areas of the skin that already have more pigments, such as the nipple Place around

The way the color of the nipple darkens automatically during pregnancy, the color starts to become normal after a few months of delivery.

During pregnancy, the nipples of the breasts are prepared in a natural way to breastfeed the baby, They feel pain. In such a situation it is very important to take care of them. Here, during pregnancy, we discuss some important things to take care of nipples.

Comfort Under Garment

While always, especially during pregnancy, women should wear comfortable clothes, there should not be any pressure on the breasts through clothes, because there is a slight pain on the breasts during pregnancy. Because they are engaged in preparing to feed the baby, in such a situation, they should not be under pressure.

Use of Olive Oil

Massage the nipples by applying olive oil every day during pregnancy, it will relieve pain, they will get moistur, and many problems of dry skin will go away. Keep in mind that excitement should not come during massage because stimulation causes childbirth.

Do not apply soap on nipples

Do not use soap on nipples during pregnancy, due to which it can become dry. A crack may occur. Blood can spill. Causes pain. It is better that you use shampoo, and do not forget to apply cream after cleaning or after bathing.

Use ice pads

Nipples are painful during pregnancy. It is better to get relief from this, that you put the ice pad on the nipples, this will give you relief in pain.

Milk leakage problem

If there is a problem with getting milk during and after pregnancy, then you should use such a pad. Whatever keeps the breasts dry, it also keeps cleanliness, so that there is no infection of any kind in the nipples.

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