Which part of a woman is considered unlucky to have hair?
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Which part of a woman is considered unlucky to have hair?

We are going to talk about which part of the woman’s hair is considered inauspicious for the woman and the family. It is considered very auspicious if men have hair there. Friends, this subject comes under Astrology.

Friends, it is believed that a woman is behind every successful person. And when we find our soul mate, we try to be quality-wise and lucky.

For this, there is a big trend of horoscope matching, whenever you go to see a girl for yourself, then you will keep these small things in mind and it will be beneficial for you.

Friends, our elder elders say that a woman whose head is long, thick and strong, the woman is also intelligent and fortunate, such a woman contributes to the progress of her house, and always because of her one in the house The lovely atmosphere remains. At every step, she stands with her family in grief and happiness and becomes the support of the family.

Women whose eyelids have short black hair are also very lucky, their nature is very soft, always respects others, due to this, she gets respect in her family and neighborhood around her, too.

Women who have hair like men on their hands are considered to be very inauspicious, women also have to work hard to clean these hairs with their hands.

Such women who have hair on their hands, according to astrology, she is considered of a very angry nature, she does not hesitate to dispute small things, and even quarrels with other women on small things. , Which creates an atmosphere of tension in and around the house, such women have a feeling of envy towards others, and they do not think well even if they want, which also has an effect on their own lives. Due to the high negativity, she herself starts to be ill, and there is an atmosphere of tension in the house as well. Due to which the progress of the family is disrupted.

On the other hand, if the man has thick hair on his hands, then he is considered very auspicious.
Such men are also considered to be very intelligent and knowledgeable, but men who do not have hair on their hands are visionary but are a bit mean.

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