What is late menstruation,  is this harmful
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What is late menstruation, is this harmful

Most women do not know, What is late menstruation?

Today we are going to discuss,
what is the meaning of their period miss and what kind of problem it can cause so that women can understand its seriousness?

the menstruation cycle is a natural process. If this process is interrupted, then the woman starts having a lot of problems. And this process is interrupted only when the level of hormones in the woman’s body deteriorates. Hormones are very important for the functioning of the body inside our body. They contribute significantly in every small and big activity. It is very important to balance them. If these balances do not remain, then their direct effect is seen on the periods.
You may have to face difficulty in becoming a mother in future.

What is menstruation?

To understand menstruation needs, it is important to understand their process. Egg production takes place in a woman’s body, it is only through these eggs that the process of pregnancy begins. The woman gets the distinction of becoming a mother, these eggs are made in the body of a woman. And when the woman does not have pregnancy in that month, then she gets out of the body during the period, every month this cycle repeats itself and we call it cycle.

Symptoms of irregular menstruation

This cycle repeats itself every month and we call it cycle. When the woman’s cycle becomes irregular, it means that the formation of eggs in the body has also become irregular, or is not happening, or there is some problem. So the biggest problem with this is that if a woman wants to become a mother in these future, then she will face trouble in becoming a mother. If this problem starts happening at a young age, then the woman has trouble in becoming a mother in future. This is a big problem in itself. Due to this one problem only, we have to take care of this at our cycle time.

Irregular menstruation also causes some minor problems such as
Stomach cramps
Feeling nauseous
Having nausea
Getting bothered
head ache

Back pain etc. also causes problems.

reasons for period irregularity.

Your routine your lifestyle
Your food is not posted
Excessive exercise if
Even if you are an athlete, you may have this problem because whatever energy is in the body is wasted and there is not only energy left to build eggs in your body, but also due to more exercise.
Your thyroid increases
PCOS problem
You stay sick for a long time

You have to keep in mind that in order to keep your cycle regular, whatever changes you have to make in your lifestyle in food or anything else.

Let us tell you one thing if the woman starts her menstruation. The first time is. If it remains irregular for a year or two, then there is nothing to worry about. But even after two-three years, it remains irregular. Then you must consult a doctor.

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