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Vaikathashtami Festival of Kerala

Name of Festival : Vaikathashtami Festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Vaikathashtami Festival is celebrated specially a North Indian festival but now, is being celebrated across the country.

Time of celebration (Months)
Vaikathashtami Festival is a very popular festival of Kerala which takes place during the month of November or December.

Worship in Festival
In this festival people worship the Lord Shiva

About Festival
Vaikathashtami Festival popularly known as the “Ashtami Festival” and it is dedicated towards worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of Shivlinga. “Ashtami ” mean 8th day of the Malayalam month Vrischikam. Vaikathashtami Festival is one of the important festival of Kerala

This festival is celebrating at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple in Kerala which is one of the oldest and extremely popular temples of Kerala. This temple is standing for about 8 acres of land and is surrounded by high walls and four huge towers. The temple of Vaikom Mahadeva is held in very high esteems among the Hindus. The Shivalinga established here is five feet in height, and is believed to have formed during the Treta Yuga. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is located 40kms away from Kottayam which is a very important pilgrim spot in South India.

People believed that Lord Shiva is that is also known as Vaikkathappan here and he appears in three forms in a day –
In morning time he is Dakshinamoorti
In noon he is Kiratamurti
In the evening he is Sambhashivan along with Goddess Parvati.

People believed that on this day Lord Shiva and Parvati is have given darshan to Sage Vyakrapada.

Vaikathashtami Festival is celebrated 12 days, but the Ashtami is the most important day.For celebrating this festival people arranged the Dance performances and musical shows spreading throughout the night.Popular dance forms like Kathakalli are also performed here. During this festival a classical and cultural fair also takes place which is attended by lot of people.

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