best home remedies for stretch marks after pregnancy
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Try these 3 home remedies for stretch marks

Stretch marks are considered normal during pregnancy. Today we are discussing home remedies for stretch marks.  We all know that the time of pregnancy is a bit difficult for any woman. During this time, a lot of care is required, during this time, along with many problems, the skin problem is also seen very much. Women often become stretch marks. Sometimes the problem of severe itching also comes inside them. Today I am going to discuss your home remedy through this article, because using cream in pregnancy is a bit harmful.

Never should use any cream of your choice during pregnancy. If you are having a problem with stretch marks, then you can consult your doctor. Use the cream that you like, but we think, You can solve this problem at home with some Ayurvedic methods.

 Olive oil for stretch marks

Olive oil for stretch marks

Olive oil is considered to be a great source of vitamin E and fatty acids. It is well used in skin problems, dark spots, pimples, hair loss and stretch marks on the face are similar problems that most women during pregnancy Have to face. Olive oil can give you healthy hair and healthy skin. By applying olive oil, your skin problem and hair problem can be easily fixed, for this you have to massage the olive oil with light hands over the infected skin after bathing, it will gradually solve your problem, if winter. If the weather is there, you can also do some oil at home.

Aloe Vera Gel for stretch marks

Aloe Vera Gel for stretch marks

Aloe Vera gel provides the necessary moisture to your skin, and also relieves itching in stretch marks. You massage the skin with Aloe Vera gel.
Aloe vera is a wonderful thing. If you have a bad stomach, you have constipation problem gas, acidity. Even then its effect is visible on your skin. Pregnant women should use aloe vera juice in the condition that there are spots on the skin. All your stomach problems will also be avoided, and your skin will also get indirectly. If you want to know the benefits of Aloe Vera, then you must know about Aloe Vera from any Ayurveda.

 Egg white - for stretch marks

Egg white – for stretch marks

At the time of pregnancy, egg is one of the essential ingredients, if you have problems with stretch and very severe itching, then whisk the white part of the egg and apply it on the stretch marks. After 15-20 minutes, clean it with lukewarm water.

Eating eggs in pregnancy is also considered beneficial, but there is also the fear of infection with eggs, in this case, you should eat the egg by boiling it properly so that the possibility of any kind of infection during pregnancy can be avoided.

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