Indian Festival

Tookam Festival of Kerala

Name of Festival : Tookam Festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Tookam Festival is celebrated in Kerala state of India

Worship in Festival
In this festival People worship the “Goddess Kali.”

About Festival
Tookam Festival or Hook -Swinging is celebrated in certain Bhagvati temples.When a person is dangerously ill or in some bad situation then he take the vows that he would subject himself to hook-swinging.

Hook-swinging is performed in fulfillment of vows. This event is held in the kali temple.On this day that person take the bath and worship of the goddess, he should abstain from animal food, intoxicants and also from the association with women. His body has to prepare for the hook.

In keral there are 2 type of Hook -Swinging
Garudan Tookam’ or kite-swinging
‘Thony Tookam’ or boat swinging. 

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