This thing should not be in pregnant women room
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This thing should not be in pregnant women room

Hello friends, pregnancy is a very special time for any woman, at that time the woman is raising a child along with it in her body, she needs to take care of her very much, there are some things such as The woman should always be avoided, especially in the room where I live, she should be careful about some things there, today we are going to discuss this topic through our post. Keep these few things in mind. There are some things that should not be in pregnant women room

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Pictures of violent animals

There should not be a picture of a violent animal in the room of a pregnant woman in a round of decorating the room. When the woman sees these pictures, there is definitely an image of those animals that can affect the personality of the child.

Pictures of your Dead relatives

Never keep pictures of your dead fathers at home, especially in the room of a pregnant woman. Because if you keep anything related to them, then they become attached to them in a way and they cannot get liberation and this is because of you, it has an effect on you somewhere.

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Avoid sharp things

No sharp thing of any kind should be placed in the pregnant woman’s room. Sharp things like needles, or any kind of showpiece that is of sharp structure. It is considered inauspicious to keep such things in the pregnant’s room. Keeping such things in the house or in the room produces negative energy. Which is not considered auspicious for both mother and child.

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Mahabharata Granth Mahabharata Granth is not considered auspicious to read during pregnancy and even keeping it at home is not considered auspicious.

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A fast music woman should not listen to loud music during pregnancy, it hurts the child very much, it is also a symbol of negative energy in this way, it only causes harm to the child.

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Horror books

Some women are very fond of reading horror stories, but if those women are pregnant then they should take care that they do not read such books during pregnancy. While reading such books, the kind of mood, thoughts, fears, and tensions that arise in a woman’s mind can harm her child.

best room decor for female during pregnancy

Pregnant women should never have dark colors in their room, they absorb the light, which has an effect on the mood of the woman, there can be sadness.
The woman’s room should never be closed, if the window and doors are on both sides, then ventilation should be good.

There should be no such thing in a woman’s room that reminds her of a bad time.
There should be no mirror at all in front of the bedroom in the woman’s room. It is considered according to Vastu to have a bad relationship between the couple. A bad relationship can cause a lot of harm to the woman in her womb. If you have, then keep this thing in mind.

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Stuck boat

A sinking boat, a picture of war or something similar should not be kept in a pregnant woman’s room. The picture of the boat stuck in the middle should not be anywhere in the house.

Women should not keep their hair open during pregnancy, especially at bedtime.

During pregnancy, the room in which the woman sleeps should not have broken and old things stored under her bed.

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