The ancient way of baby birth | Confusion & Solution
Santan Prapti

The ancient way of baby birth | Confusion &Solution

Hello friends, in this POST today, we have brought before you an ancient way for you to have a son or daughter in the womb, which means an ancient way of getting the child you want. If you believe in your religion and philosophy, then you will definitely like this method. There is no logic, but its description is definitely found in our scriptures, you can learn about this method from any knowledgeable Pandit, he also lectures on it.

Let’s discuss how to ensure that you get the desired child.
I have seen this method on the net as well, many people have told about it and a lot of confusion has come out about it, so for this kind of confusions do not come to you, I try to clear you a few points.

The first confusion is about the day of the woman’s period, on which day is the first day of the period.

When we are taking the method according to religious scriptures, then the calculation of day and night should be according to Indian scripture, according to Indian scripture, the day begins when the sun comes out, that is, the day when the sun comes out is considered to be the beginning of the day. If we go, then we can say that the beginning of the day is considered according to Indian scripture in the morning time, while according to the English calendar, the beginning of the day is considered from Night 12:00 Am. Then you must have understood how to calculate the day.

There is confusion about the time and as if the periods start at 12:25 pm at night then some people think that there will be a day at 12:25 pm the next night but this is not the case from morning till next morning. Any time period starts, that day will be considered as the first day. If the period starts even 2 hours before sunrise, this Period will be considered as the second day after sunrise.

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Now after the period is over, which day is second, which day is third, which day is fourth, there is a lot of confusion on this.

The ancient method of procuring children is the same as you must have seen on the NET in more than 100 POSTs that after trying on 10th 12th, 14th 16th night after the period, a son is attained and on 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th night, daughter by effort.

Friends, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth-night conception also gives birth to a son and daughter, but children born from Prayag on this night are short-born, weak from body, weak from brain and inferior to fate. Please do not try.

One More Confusion. The point is that when will the 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th night sit because a woman has a period of 3 days. Someone comes for 7 days, and someone comes for 5 days, then the date is back and forth.
The first thing is that no matter how many days you come during the period, it does not have any role in this experiment.

The day your period started is the first day, whether you started at 8:00 am or started at 3:00 pm, it is your first day and its night is your first night and then the tenth day. Withdrawal from that day, you can start trying to achieve both son and daughter, I hope you have got the whole thing clear.

In some ancient books, these dates are also told along with the Shukla Paksha on the night of the attempt.
Shukla Paksha should also be because different sages and sages can say this in a way that if there is an ancient scientist, then according to their research, sages and sages have given different ways in their books.

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