What is late menstruation,  is this harmful
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What is late menstruation, is this harmful

Most women do not know, What is late menstruation? Today we are going to discuss, what is the meaning of their period miss and what kind of problem it can cause so that women can understand its seriousness? the menstruation cycle is a natural process. If this process is interrupted, then the woman starts having a lot of problems. And this process is interrupted only when the level of hormones in the woman’s body deteriorates. Hormones are very important for the functioning of the body inside our body. They contribute…

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Periods are missed even without pregnancy
Pregnancy Issues

Periods are missed even without pregnancy, How? | Part 2

Having a period is a regular process for any woman. This cycle is completed within about 25 to 35 days. Normal This cycle stops at the time of pregnancy for any woman, its stop is assumed to be pregnancy. This was considered right up to some 100 to 50 years ago but even 25 years ago. Because it used to stop when there was a pregnancy. But in today’s time this ideology has now ended. In the first time, pure food had to be drunk and there was a simple…

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