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Shamba Dashami Festival of Orissa

Name of Festival : Shamba Dashami Festival

Time of celebration (Month)Shamba Dashami Festival celebrated on the tenth day in the bright fortnight in pousha (December-January) lunar month.

Major Territory of Celebration
Shamba Dashami Festival celebrated in Rural Areas of Orissa

Worship in Festival
In this festival people worship the “Surya Bhagwan”

About Festival
Samba Dashami , also known as Surya Puja, is observed on the 10th day in Shukla Paksha in Pausha month in Orissa.On this day Women fast and worship Sun and offer a variety of rice cakes and other delicacies.On this day, mothers perform Surya Puja to please Surya Bhagawan and to keep their children healthy.

History of the Shamba Dashami Festival
According to myth it that Lord Krishna’s son, Shamba, was cursed by a sage and he could get rid of his leprosy.Samba performed penance for 12 years before he was cured.

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