Indian Festival

Sanja & Mamulia Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival : Sanja & Mamulia Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Sanja & Mamulia Festival is celebrated in the month of Asvina (September – October)

Major Territory of Celebration
Sanja & Mamulia Festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh.

About Festival
In north-western Madhya Pradesh unmarried girls annually worship a legendary girl called Sanja.Main ritual is linked with figures and designs made by girls on smeared portions of mud walls through the medium of cattle-dung. They celebrated this festival consecutively for sixteen days.Every day they made new design and figure and sing a song in the evening

Bundelkhand girls worship” Mamulia “ on the festival of Sanja & Mamulia .Mamulia is represented by a green bough of a lemon tree. 

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