Indian Festival

Sajo Festival of Himachal Pradesh

Name of Festival : Sajo Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Sajo Festival is celebrated in the month of spring popularly known as Magh or Falgun (February – March )

Major Territory of Celebration
Sajo Festival is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh , india.

About Festival
Sajo Festival is a festival in which the people bid farewell to the village deities. In the villages the palanquins of the gods are laid open and the doors of temples are closed. People belived that it is a that time when the gods depart for the heavens for a short spell of rest. And with the hope that from heaven gods will throw good things upon them, the village people clean and polish the floors of the temples.

This day the spirit of the god may descend on his devotees and it is known as ‘Deachar’ or ‘Deokhel’. In some villages the village deity goes from house to house to sniff incense.People worshipped and prayer to GOD

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