Indian Festival

Sahajiya Sect Festival of West Bengal

Name of Festival : Festival of Sahajiya Sect

Time of celebration (Month)
Festival of Sahajiya Sect is celebrate in middle of January

Major Territory of Celebration
Festival of Sahajiya Sect is celebrated in Birbhum district of West Bengal India

About Festival
Sahajiya Sect is an important Festival in the West Bengal . Birbhum district is the birth place of Jayadeva, the poet of Gita Govindam. They used to hold long sessions of highly exoteric songs (Bhajan) & Religious-Ecstatic Dance and also characteristic forms of worship. During this a Mela / Fair (Gathering of people) is held at Ghoshpara, near Kalyani of West Bengal on day following Holi.

Bank of river Ganga accounts for one of the great festivals-cum-fair. On the last day of month of Pous (Mid January) million pilgrims take a holy dip at the Saugour island beach on the estuary of the Bhagirathi river.This place then maintained by the state authorities.Devotees who belong to all sections of Hindus come here by Boat/Nouka from all directions and take the holy dip into the river.

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