Indian Festival

Pradosham Festival of Kerala

Name of Festival : Pradosham Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Pradosham Festival is celebrtaed on the evening of the 12th or 13th lunar day.

Major Territory of Celebration
Pradosham Festival is celebrated in Kerala

Worship in Festival
In Pradosham Festival people worshipped the Lord Shiva

About Festival
Pradosham Festival is celebrated in honour of   “Loard Shiva” . On this day special Pujas are offered to Siva . On this day some people observe the fast , they wake up early and after bath they keep fasting till the evening when they take a second bath and attend the temple smearing their body with hold ashes.

On this, they also wear the rosaries of Rudraksha. In the temple, they worshipped Lord Shiva and they offer the coconuts and Vilva or Koovala flowers. The priest will return these, to their owners who break their fast by opening them and drinking the water in them. After complete the worshipped they leave the temple taking along with them rice offered to the image.

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