Indian Festival

Pori Festival of Himachal Pradesh

Name of Festival : Pori Festival Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Pori Festival Festival is celebrated in Month of July – August

Major Territory of Celebration
Pori Festival Festival is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh

About Festival
Pori festival is celebrated in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pardesh at the temple of Trilokinath. During this festival lord is bathed in the morning with milk and yogurt and devotees go round the temple beating drums and blowing conch shells .A horse is soaked in sweets after the ritual because devotees believed that god sits on his back and showering His blessings upon the devotees.

Pori Festival is an annual feature at the Lahaul Valley and is symbolic to the historical and sociological background of the area.People of Himachal Pradesh worship Lord Trilokinath .At the procession’s end, the crowd takes the horse to the royal palace of the local ruler. Horse is bathed in sweet water and offered healthy food. After this the king rides the horse and goes to the fair ground.

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