Indian Festival

Phag Festival of Himachal Pradesh

Name of Festival : Phag Festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Phag Festival is celebrated in Rampur in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh.

Time of celebration (Months)
Phag Festival is celebrated in the month of Chaitra-Vaishakh

About Festival
Phag Festival annual Phag fair is organised to herald the New Year (Chaitra-Vaishakh) as per the Hindu almanac, by the residents of Rampur in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh In India.Phag Festival is a 6 day festival.Phag festivial showcases the cultural heritage of Himachalis, as the residents of Himachal Pradesh are known in common parlance. Large number of people take the part in this festival and fair.

The aim is to celebrate this fetival at the arrival of Hindu New Year, in the last week of Phalgun month of Hindu calendar. Basically it is celebrated to welcome the New Year,” said Kamdas Kadda, a resident.

Bushar dynasty was founded by ‘Pradhuman’, the son of Lord Krishna.In order to marry of Banasur daughter, the local chief of Shonitpur (Sarahan), Pradhuman have come to that place. He had an encounter with Banasur in which Banasur succumbs to his death. Pradhuman became the chief of Bushar and Kinnaur regions, since Banasur had no son.

Phag word is derived from the Sanskrit word Phalgun or Fagun. Himachalis people take the part in this festival .14 deities from five districts – Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Kinnaur and the Lahaul and Spiti – take part in the fair that is celebrated with much devotion and cultural display

Rampur was once the capital of Bushar State and Situated on the banks of the River Satluj.Phag fair dates back to Bushar dynasty centuries ago when the a lot of shepherds used to come to the gates of the palace’s along with their herds of sheep. And, the King used to host a fair for them.

Furing this festival farmers come in large groups to Rampur, carrying local deities on their heads or in religious processions .

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