Periods are missed even without pregnancy, How
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Periods are missed even without pregnancy, How? | Part 1

Periods are missed even without pregnancy, is it tension.

Due to non-pregnancy, there are many such reasons, due to which the period is missed.  Sometimes in such a state a woman can get under stress. He does not know why this has happened. 4 of them are discussed today through this article.

Reasons for tension

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on children to study at a young age. There is pressure to stand on your feet. Because of which there is a lot of stress. This tension can also be caused to a married woman due to household responsibilities, bitterness in her relationship, job or other family members.

If you are under a lot of stress, stress hormones have a direct effect. Which is responsible for making more or less of two hormones in the body like estrogen and progesterone. In this case, if the stress hormone increases in the blood, then it has a profound effect on the period cycle of women, and there can be a problem of missing a cycle without pregnancy.

Contraceptive medicines

We have questions that we used birth control pills within 72 hours after the meeting. But after that the cycle has not been completed in time, it is missed. Is there a possibility of pregnancy, why did it happen.

It takes a few months for the body to adjust the effect of such medicines. Even in such a situation, the cycle is not complete, some women may face problems, even without pregnancy, the period may be missed.

Excessive fatigue

Women whose work is such that they have to work extremely hard in which all the energy of their body is spent, then even in such a situation, a bicycle can be missed, which is a female athlete, sometimes they have this problem. Yes, periods can be missed even without pregnancy.

Excessive exercise

Women, who are fond of exercising, if they are doing more exercise than necessary due to any reason, then all the energy of their body gets burnt, they start to feel weakness, hormones are disturbed effect on the menstrual cycle. It does not come from anyone or two days of exercise, if you are constantly doing excessive exercise then only this problem comes, even without pregnancy, the period can be missed.

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