One of the main causes of disability in children
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One of the main causes of disability in children

If the parents are taking very good care of pregnancy, why should the child become disabled after that. Friend, There are many reasons. We are going to discuss their reasons.

Friends, if the mother does not take care of her properly, then there is a problem of disability in children. The body of a woman is not initially suitable for pregnancy. But as soon as pregnancy occurs, more changes start to occur in the body, which make the task of handling pregnancy.

There is a fear of disability in the child due to lifestyle, catering or any type of illness, but if care is taken during this time and there is no problem, then the child should not have disability, but Some such cases have been seen, that even after giving attention, disability comes to the child. Let us discuss what the reasons are.

If both the mother or father’s jeans or the mother or father’s jeans are not healthy, then in such a situation there is a fear of disability in the unborn child. There can be many reasons for being unwell. Jeans can also deteriorate due to age, lack of body, any disease or lack of nutrition.

Why does the child have a disability

The parents who belong to the same family. If both days are of the same type, then there is no good meeting or bounding boundary in them, because that is natural, bounding is always in opposition things. Destruction always happens in similar things. Attraction does not occur. So due to inability to bond properly in jeans, the child has a congenital disability.

In Hindu society this thing was understood thousands of years ago, so the gotra is given a lot of importance in marriage. Marriage is not done in a gotra. They are considered siblings. Because their jeans are the same, and are always married only in the other gotra. So that any type of congenital disability can be avoided in the child.

If there is some kind of genetic disease going on in a family, sometimes due to that, the child may be born retarded or crippled. Because this type of diseases does not occur in every child. But it comes in some child. No matter how much pregnancy is taken care of in such a situation, if the child is caught by that genetic disease which is already present in the parents’ jeans, then the child can become disabled.

Sometimes unfortunately if a fetus catches any bacteria or virus. So his development is not good, because he impedes development. Due to this also sometimes disability comes in children, no matter how much you take care of pregnancy, there is a very high risk of disability in that state too.

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