One cause of infertility -  Laziness
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One cause of infertility – Laziness

Today, through this article, we are going to discuss the couple who want to have children but they are not getting children. What cause of infertility.
There is some shame in Indian society about this thing, the couple is shy about going to the doctor, but when it is too late, then they go to the doctor, but friends do you know that 90 In% cases, the problem is equal to no. If you make a slight change in your lifestyle, then you can get success, yes there may be some cases in which you will have to take medical treatment.

Our laziness, excessive dependence on machines and running to taste, do not take care of our food, because of the body getting sick or the couple not having children here, that is, any kind of problem-related to the body. Style and stress are the main reasons.

Today we will talk about cause of infertility – Laziness

Friends, in our Ayurveda it has been told how to live life, how we should spend our life. She has a lot of things, but some of the things she has are very important, such as getting up early in the morning to retire from all daily tasks and doing a little exercise together then breakfast and then work with the whole day. Eat food early in the evening and then sleep early.

All this is very important for a healthy body, but due to laziness we never get up early in the morning. we sleep late at night, eat late at night, not morning breakfast, And Bhagam lives. So there is somewhere that makes the body weak, and all the activities of the body become sluggish, and the work which requires the most strength. He is more impressed. Infertility problems in your body increase due to your laziness.

The body spends a lot of energy on the task of procuring children and it also requires strength. The body should also be healthy.
It may be that your job profile is such that you cannot follow many things but you should follow as much as possible.

Also, you should arrange all those things according to your work. Which your body needs, as we tell you.
You say that I have to leave for the job only at 7:00 am, all the daily tasks are very difficult to deal with. In such a situation, there is no time for breakfast, how to find time for exercise.
If you come early in the evening, you can exercise in the evening number. You can go for a walk in the park in the evening, you can join the gym but you do not.
If you are unable to meditate in the morning, then you can do a little meditation in the evening number, but you do not.
If you say that you have to come late in the evening too, then you have to remove its option exactly, where your job is, then you stay the same. It is not necessary that you travel 4 to 5 hours daily.

You have to do something to keep your body healthy. After all, you are doing everything for your family and for yourself. And your body will not be healthy, then everything is useless. The same applies to men as well as women. If the woman is living at home, and her weight is increasing continuously, the disease is increasing in the body, pain is increasing, then somewhere she is also suffering from laziness.

When the body becomes ill, their capacity will also be reduced in every way, and especially in pregnancy, women need a lot of power. A strong body is required. They should especially take care of their body. They should also exercise daily. Meditation should be done. Get up early in the morning. Have breakfast on time. Slept quickly after dinner at night too. And do not be lazy at all to take care of your body.

As you know, pure milk is found in a dairy half a kilometer away.
You know that organic vegetables are found at a shop in the supermarket, which is 400-500 meters or 1 km away, so you brought milk and vegetables from there. If you can go there, do not be lazy, after all the health of you and your family is a question. Overall, you have to pay attention to this that you have to be healthy, only then you will be able to stay healthy, what happens is that we do not pay attention to this nowadays.

laziness is a big cause of infertility. Your body remains weak. Due to laziness, many types of diseases occur in the body, and the most powerful tasks that the body can do, are not able to do it. In such a situation, when time runs out, after that, go round the doctor and the hard-earned money is spent in a pinch.

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