Indian Festival

Navratra Festival of Jammu and Kashmir

Name of Festival : Navratra Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Khichri Amavasya is celebrated in Kashmir in the month of “Posh” which falls around December or January.

Major Territory of Celebration
This festival is celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir , India

Worship in Festival
In this Festival people worship the Goddes Lakshmi

About Festival
Navratra Festival is begins with an invocation to Lakshmi, the goddess of bounty. It is New Year day comes on first Navaratra – in the month of Chaitra first day of the new moon. In this day every family, a young lady lays a large plate with paddy, curds, sugar,fruits, coins, walnut,a mirror, ink-holder and the New year scroll .

On the next day early morning she shows the plate to every inmate and thus seeks the blessings of the goddess for moral and material development of members of the family.

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