Indian Festival

Navanna Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival : Navanna Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Navanna Festival is celebrated on the eleventh day after Diwali.

Major Territory of Celebration
Navanna Festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh.

About Festival
In Bundelkhand this festival is celebrated on eleventh day after Diwali.As soon as Diwali is over, the feast of Navanna is celebrated.On this day people prepared out of new corn and cows are fed with cakes . During this time no one takes his food until this rite is done. On this day first Gonds all act upon offerings of green paddy to the Saj tree and then to Bhavani Mata. People believed that narayan Dev and Rat Mai (night mother), who is believed to live in the verandah of every house. 

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