main cause of infertility , dependence on machines
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Do you know, this is the main cause of infertility

There are many causes of infertility, of which there are many reasons that humans have absolutely no control over, but there are also many reasons that humans have direct control over if human beings in the lifestyle correctly If you keep it, this cause of infertility goes away.

Why are the couples unable to conceive quickly? What is the reason for this So that there is a delay in procuring children? Today there is another big reason that we are going to discuss, that is, excessive dependence on machines. We are going to discuss how this causes obstruction in pregnancy.

Our body is made up of many organs and all the organs help other organs to carry out their work, they are dependent on each other.

The body parts strengthen each other, and the weakness of any part of the body also weakens other parts of the body. Overall, the body functions by the collective functioning of the organs. Overall you can say that this body is like a chain. If any link becomes weak, then the whole chain becomes weak, in this way the whole body becomes weak.

Then any work of the body, it is not done properly, and the task which requires too much body effort is most troublesome.

There is another quality of our body. This quality also gives harm and benefits too, due to this quality, in this changing environment of the world, we are keeping ourselves safe by changing.

Our body keeps changing itself as per the requirement, keeps changing according to our circumstances, this quality of the body has become a curse for us today.
Today’s era is the mechanical era, machines are available for every small and big work.
There are machines for cooking.
There are machines for washing clothes.
There are automatic steps to climb the stairs.
All kinds of machines are available for carrying luggage.
Cycle motorcycles etc. are available to cover the shortest distance.
Things like AC are also available because the body is not harmed by cold heat.
Overall we live in a very comfortable position, and we do not use our bodies at all. Our body adapts to that situation. In the situation, we are living in,
Neither do we use our hands and feet,
Neither we bear the heat,
Neither bear the cold
Neither do we do anything,
Do not do any work that involves physical effort,
Due to the non-use of the body, the capacity of the body starts decreasing. And fall asleep,
And after the body becomes inactive, we try to have children.

Pregnancy is a huge task for any woman. It is very important to be strong in the body. That body’s function should also be tight and fit.
For this, we have to make our body strong and the dependence on machines has to be reduced only then the body remains healthy.

Don’t you think our maximum dependence on machines is a cause of infertility. What do you think about this, do you tell us through comments?

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