Indian Festival

Lohri Festival of Punjab

Name of Festival : Lohri Festival Festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Lohri Festival is celebrated in Punjab- a North Indian state

Time of celebration (Months)
Lohri, is celebrated according to Hindu Calendar, falls in the month of Pausha or Magha generally on 13th January.

About Festival
Lohri is an auspicious Occasions that is celebrated as the harvest festival of Punjab- a North Indian state also called the breadbasket state of India. Lohri is mainly a festival of Punjabis, but it is also celebrated by other people of Northern Indian States like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Lohri is celebrated with great joy and fervor specially among the farmers fraternity as this festival is associated with the harvesting of the Rabi (winter) crops.

This festival marks the end of the cold chilly winter season and welcomes the arrival of spring and New Year.At this time Earth starts moving towards the sun marking the auspicious period of Uttarayan.People believed that Lohri is the longest night of the year. After Lohri, the days become longer and the nights became shorter.

History of Lohri Festival
Lohri is celebrated in remembrance and praise of Dulha Batti. Dullha Bhatti was a Muslim robber who lived during the era of King Akbar.Dullha Bhatti is an icon figure of Punjabis and is associated with the celebrations of Lohri- the harvest festival of India.He used to arrange the marriage of those rescued girls with Hindu boys with all rituals and even arranging the dowry of money and material.

Celebration of Lohri
First Lohri is very important for the newly wed and the new born babies as it marks fertility. It is a harvest festival and especially important for farmers, but it is celebrated with great fervour by all Punjabis.In Lohri night, people gather around the bonfire and throw til, puffed rice ,gachchak, crystal sugar, gur (jaggery), moongphali (peanuts) and phuliya or popcorn into the flames of the bonfire. Prayers are offered to the bonfire seeking abundance & prosperity. People enjoy it by dancing & singing traditional folk songs.

A grand dinner is also prepared on this day which is mainly comprised of Sarson ka and Makke di Roti. People wear bright and colorful clothes.

Every year Punjabis who is far away from Punjab and lives in other cities of India also celebrates Lohri. In places like Mumbai, Punjabis get together to light a bonfire and celebrate Lohri

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