Indian Festival

Kujlaya Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival : Kujlaya Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Kujlaya Festival is falls on On the full moon day of Bhadra(August – September)

Major Territory of Celebration
Kujlaya Festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh.

About Festival
The Kujlaya Festival is celebrated to commemorate the reunion of the legendary queen, Malhana Devi, with her daughter who had been married to the son of a hostile king.Before nine day of Kujlaya wheat or barley is sowed in small baskets that is filled with black soil and manure.On the day od festival women assemble at someone’s place and tie rakhi to their brothers and nearest relatives, including husbands. On that day the basket of wheat or barley seedlings are taken out in procession to a river they distribute among themselves in the name of Malhana Devi. On way to the river they sing a songs. 

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