Indian Festival

Kharchi Puja Festival of Tripura

Name of Festival : Kharchi Puja Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Kharchi Puja Festival is celebrate in Ashada month (July – August)

Major Territory of Celebration
Kharchi Puja Festival is celebrated in Tripura state of India

Worship in Festival
People worshipped in this festival is Fourteen Deities

About Festival
Kharchi Puja is the main Festival of Tripura in month of July for seven days.It is a 7 day festival. Large number of pilgrims both tribal and non tribal from different parts assemble there to pay their offers.

Celebration of this festival is held in the temple premises and is joined by thousands of people. Kharchi is said to be a corrupt form of Khya which means earth.Kharchi Puja Festival of worship of the earth.

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