Indian Festival

Ker & Garia Puja Festival of Tripura

Name of Festival : Ker & Garia Puja Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Ker & Garia Puja Festival is celebrate in month of Baisakh(April)

Major Territory of Celebration
Ker & Garia Puja Festival is celebrated in tribals of Tripura , India

Worship in Festival
People worshipped in this festival is Two deities- Kalia and Garia

About Festival
Tribals of Tripura perform Garia Puja on the seventh day. During this festival man and women performed the dance. In Ker Puja there is 2 age old beliefs may lie behind the ritualistic incantation of a specified boundary of it.

One for safeguard the interest of the people from any calamitous misfortunes, diseases, and destitution
Second for save people from any external aggression.

Important part of Ker Puja is Sacrifices and another equally important feature is dancing and rejoicing after the Puja. 7th day of the festival Garia Puja is held. Celebration of this festival is started last day of Chaitra.Two deities- Kalia and Garia – are worshipped. In Tripuris and the Reangs the Garia dance is very popular.

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