If these dreams come, then the pregnant has a son
Santan Prapti

If these dreams come, then the pregnant has a son

Hello friends, we all know that when a small guest comes to the house, every member of the family is keen to know that the guest coming will be a girl. Friends, there are many ways to get this idea done. This can be detected by ultrasound. By looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, it is also ascertained that the boy is going to come to the house that the girl is going to come. Friends, according to such astrology, a woman or couple have some special dreams, which means that the child coming into the house will have a son.

Discusses what those dreams are, which if seen by a woman or couple, it means that a son will be born in the house.

Pregnancy dreams, which show that the son is in the womb

It is believed if the dreams that come in the morning often come true, the dreams that we are telling you, if all these dreams come to one of the husband or wife, and a new guest coming to their house. If it means, son is going to come to the house.

White pigeon is considered a symbol of peace. If either of the spouses sees a white pigeon inside the dream, but keep in mind if only one white pigeon is visible, meaning you do not see more than one pigeon in the dream, only one When a pigeon appears, you are then believed that the pregnant woman will have a son.

If a woman sees a lotus in her dream, that is, she sees a lotus flower. As the woman is on the banks of the pond, and she sees a lotus flower feeding in the pond, or the woman is in a temple, and at the feet of the goddess she sees a lotus flower, or offering a lotus flower to the goddess. Overall if a woman sees a lotus flower. The children coming to her will have a son, if the woman is pregnant.

Shiva is also worshiped for getting a beautiful groom or a beautiful child. If a pregnant woman has a vision of Shivalinga within her dream,
Like some women are establishing Shivling. If it is visible, or some women are offering prayers to Shivling. Along with that, she is also doing, then in such a situation, she gets a beautiful son.

If the woman is pregnant, and she sees a pregnant woman vomiting in the dream, she gets a son Ratna.

If a couple of pregnant women has a vision of the sun at the time of pregnancy in a dream. They will have 1 son and at the same time, the son will be longevity, intelligent and stunning.

Friends, you may or may not get the right information about the gender or child of your home, through a dream, but it is most important that the child who is growing in the womb of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to take special care of her nutrition. is.

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