Medicine for born a son
Santan Prapti

Putra Jeevak Beej | Best Medicine for born a son

Today we are going to discuss medicine Putra Jeevak Beej. this medicine claim female can be born a son,  as well as this medicine, can remove Infertility has been overcome. It is popular as a famous Ayurvedic medicine for getting a son. if this is your question, How is the son born? you should know about this ayurvedic medicine.

Patanjali Ayurved Company

Friends, the company which is currently number 1 in India in Ayurveda is Patanjali, which also conducts new research in Ayurveda. This company is conducting its work under the supervision of Baba Ramdev Ji,

This company also obtains Ayurvedic prescriptions from ancient Ayurvedic texts of India, and markets them in the form of medicines. One such product of this company is called Putra Jeevak Beej.

What is Putra Jeevak Beej

By using this Ayurvedic medicine, women who are infertile. Their offspring are born, and sons are also found in their offspring.

Controversy arose about this Ayurvedic medicine a few years ago. In response to which Baba Ramdev Ji said that it is a medicine to remove infertility. It has no relation with the receipt of a son, but then some of its employees from the back door had said that they work in Pantjali, that it is a medicine to get a son and many women have got a son by consuming it.

Friends, we do not make any claim on this Ayurvedic medicine that this son is for attainment, or it is just infertility medicine. You decide it yourself at your discretion.

Where to buy Putra Jeevak Beej

Let us tell you the way to take it, you bought it from any Patanjali store. Remove the seeds of the fruit in it and grind them finely. Grinding of any Ayurvedic medicine through the Mixer grinder reduces its quality, try to crush it in the Khral.

After this, he has to take you with cow’s milk for a time. Keep in mind that cow’s milk should also belong to the cow that has produced the calf.

For more information, you can take it from the doctor present in the Patanjali Hospital, which is with the store.

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