how know boy or girl in the womb
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How to know boy or girl in the womb after 5 months

After 5 months, it is easy to go to a boy or girl in the womb, today through this article, we are going to discuss, how do we find out from the way the woman walks, gets up and sits, how to know the woman has a son or daughter in the womb.
Friends, it is not our aim to differentiate between son and daughter. The symptoms which have been told in our scriptures since ancient times, that what is in the womb, is only to be tested.
Friends, there is no difference between son and daughter. Nowadays, the sons are touching the heights, while the daughters are also with them. Just in the mind of the family, there is an eagerness in the mind of the woman, what is the guest coming to their house. Just in the midst of that, we brought this article in front of you.

Friends, today we will tell you how to do gender prediction by the way the woman walks and sits. Are discussing it Friends, this is not a scientific method, just prevalent in society.

It is believed that the right part of the body of the woman indicates the son and the left part of the woman’s body towards the daughter.

When the son is in the womb, the right part of the woman is enlarged and weighs more than the left, and if the daughter is in the womb, the left part is heavy.

Gender Prediction trick

How to know when a woman walks

You should not tell the woman anything. You should pay attention to this thing for five-six days, You notice if the woman moves her right leg first while walking. It means there is a boy in the womb of the woman

On the other hand, if the woman first starts walking by raising her left foot, and she walks like this most of the time, then the woman has a daughter in her womb.

Pay attention when a woman gets up and sits

You also have to notice it without telling the pregnant woman, when the woman sits on the ground or is sitting on a chair, and when she gets up,
If the woman gets up or sits with the support of her right hand, it means that the right part of the woman’s body is heavy. It is more likely to have a son in the womb.
If the woman resorts to her left hand, it is considered a sign of being a girl in the womb.

But friends, it is not that if you start checking in this way in the first second month, then nothing will come to you, you have to use this only when the pregnancy of the woman is above 5 months.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house. But friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of his health, it is necessary to take special care of his nutrition.

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