How to include fruits in your routine in pregnancy
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How to include fruits in your routine in pregnancy

Hello friends, we all know that in pregnancy, family and doctors tell you to eat fruits, you should eat fruits in pregnancy, but a small dilemma is when to eat fruits in pregnancy, how to eat
Discusses how fruits can be eaten in pregnancy so that their quality is also fulfilled and nutritiousness is maintained.

In pregnancy, if you want to include fruits in your diet, then you can include fruits in your diet in these ways.

You can take pieces of fruit with curd or sprouted grains in the morning for breakfast.

After breakfast and before lunch, you can eat a pomegranate, apple, guava, pear or whatever seasonal fruit you have in between them by making a mixture of black fruit chaat, mixing black salt

If you do not have time to cut the fruits or do not want to cut the fruits, then make a smoothie or shake by mixing the fruits with curd or milk.

You can add dried or fresh fruits to oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles.

When to eat fruits in pregnancy and how to eat

Whenever you feel like eating something or don’t want to eat breakfast or a snack, keep a bowl of fruit cut around you, as if you feel hungry, eat some pieces of fruit from it. In this way, you will also avoid eating junk food.

You can also bake fruit cakes for yourself, and include lots of fruits such as kiwis and berries. This is a delicious way to include fruits in your diet.

If you include fruits in your diet, which are considered superfoods for pregnancy, then your pregnancy will progress very well and pregnancy will also be a healthy pregnancy.

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