How to Gender prediction in 1 st Week Pregnancy
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How to Gender prediction in 1 st Week Pregnancy

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss with you, How to Gender prediction in 1 st Week Pregnancy. What are the gender prediction symptoms just after pregnancy occurs in the woman’s body, by which we can find out whether we have a son or daughter in the womb.

Friends, each woman has a different pregnancy. They also have slightly different symptoms. but the symptoms that most women experience, we consider the symptoms of having a son or daughter. Some of the symptoms are seen soon after pregnancy. We discuss it.

Friends, however, none of the symptoms hundred percent do work. That is why they have been called symptoms or otherwise, it is called evidence.

How to Gender Prediction

We hope that if you are curious to know which guest is going to come to your house, then you will definitely get help.

early gender prediction tricks

Women food habits

If a woman feels less hungry during pregnancy, then it indicates towards being a girl, and if the same hunger is felt too much, then it indicates to be a boy in the womb.

Increased weight of a woman

As soon as pregnant, if the weight of the woman increases relatively fast, there is a higher chance of the woman having a daughter in the womb, and if the weight increases with little, it is a signal to have a son in the womb.

Woman Hair Pattern

As soon as pregnancy occurs, the hair of the woman becomes dry, but the hair stops falling and the hair of the woman starts getting thicker. So understand that there is a daughter in the womb.

Morning Sickness Pattern

After pregnancy, a woman has morning sickness, whether she has a son or daughter in the womb. But if morning sickness is not equal, then it is a sign of being a boy, and if morning sickness is more, it is a sign of being a girl.

Is there a boy or a girl in the womb

Observ Woman Face Skin

As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, a lot of hormonal changes take place inside her body. The effect of which is clearly visible on his face as well. If the woman’s face looks dry, dry, stains appear on the face, the face looks lifeless, then there is a sign of having a son in the womb.

At the same time, if the beauty of the woman’s face starts to grow, the face glows, the skin starts glowing, then understand that the little Munni doll is going to come into the house.

Woman Body Energy

If a woman has laziness in the early days at the time of pregnancy, she feels more tired, then this is a sign of being a girl. At the same time, if this problem is not much, that is the symptom of the son.

Vomiting during pregnancy

Excess vomiting during pregnancy is considered a sign of being a daughter, but some women also oppose it.

Taste of a woman’s mouth

There is also a contradiction in the symptoms that we are telling you now, that if a son is in the womb, then the woman likes to eat sweets, and likes to eat sour about the daughter.

But some women believe, That these symptoms are absolutely opposite, at this point, you will also see a contradiction.

these are some important gender prediction symptoms you will you can check into pregnant women body. Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health, special care of her nutrition. It is necessary to take care.

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