how to born a son
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How to born a son, as per science and astrology

Describing a trick for desired children, which is based on both astrology and science. Let’s start, how to born a son. 

Friends, we are going to expand this solution on the basis of both modern science and theology so that you do not have any kind of doubt on the solution of getting a son.

In today’s time, no one makes a difference between a son and a daughter, but whoever has daughters, he has a desire to have a son, today we have brought an article to fulfill that desire.

Putra prapti ka tarika

Friends, in order to have a son, men have to consume bananas, which are easily available in every village and city. Since when is this banana to be eaten, why it has to be eaten, what is its importance from the point of view of science, and what is the importance from the perspective of religion Let’s discuss it.

Birth of son according to science

Friends, a banana is a very nutritious fruit. Potassium is found in a good amount inside bananas. potassium is very important for obtaining a son in the womb. The responsible Y chromosome, it increases the number of Y chromosomes in the male body and their life. Strength also increases.
And by increasing vitality, they can live longer in a woman’s body.

how to born a son | having son in womb
The environment for chromosomes in a woman’s body is not good. They mean, it is a bit difficult for them to survive, so it is very important to have vitality whereas if we talk about X chromosomes then their vitality is much more than that of Y chromosome. It is more and they can live longer than the Y chromosome even in odd conditions, so eating bananas increases the number of Y chromosomes and the ability to survive, which is very important for getting a son. This was the scientific reason for eating bananas, now let’s also discuss the religious reason.

Birth of son according to Dhram

Banana and banana tree are considered to be symbols of Lord Jupiter, on every Thursday the couple desiring to have a son should burn the banana tree so that Lord Jupiter is pleased and fulfills his wish but keep in mind, Thursday On the day you do not have to eat bananas, for the rest of the 6 days you have to eat bananas daily as Prasad. According to religious belief, by following this rule, one gets the good fortune of having a son at home.

If a person or couple wishes to have a son, then in such a state, they should start eating bananas at least 3 months in advance and should eat bananas daily.

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