5 symptoms To know what is in the womb
Santan Prapti

5 symptoms To know what is in the womb | HomeMade Gender Prediction

Hello friends, we all know that in today’s time there is no difference between son and daughter. Today, daughters are working shoulder to shoulder with sons, and both are also given equal status. If a couple is going to have a child here, not only that couple but also their family and their relatives are very keen to know what is the gender of the young guest coming. No special motive is left behind in this time, there is only a curiosity. Because curiosity is always for the same work, for the same thing, which we could not do, which we could not know. For the peace of the same curiosity, we are presenting you with some symptoms in relation to the child in the womb of the woman.

If a woman gets more angry during pregnancy, she becomes aggressive in talking, then it is a sign of having a son in the womb. The family members should understand this situation of the woman, and keep understanding with the woman.

If the pregnant woman likes to eat salty more, then it can be estimated that she has a boy in her womb.

If the woman starts feeling tired very quickly during pregnancy, it is a sign of having a daughter in the womb. It is caused by an excess of female hormones. On the other hand, if the woman feels fresh, then it is believed that she has a son in the womb.

If the baby that grows in the womb of the woman is less moving, then it is a sign of the boy. At the same time, if the movement in the stomach is relatively high, then it is considered a sign of being a girl. The movement is more, or less, this thing can be easily perceived by older women.

If the woman’s palm is very dry during pregnancy, her skin is coming out completely, then it is believed that the woman has 1 son in her womb. Whereas if the daughter is in the womb, the woman’s skin becomes soft, soft and shiny, or remains normal. No changes are made.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health, her nutrition special It is necessary to take care.

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