Indian Festival

Heikru Hitongba Festival of Manipur

Name of Festival : Heikru Hitongba Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Heikru Hitongba Festival is celebrated in month of September.

Major Territory of Celebration
Heikru Hitongba Festival is celebrated in the Manipur and in northeastern state India.

Highlight of this Festival
Main attraction of this festival is boat race

About Festival
Heikru Hitongba is celebrated in the Manipur and it is a annual Festival.This festival is always celebrated on the canal in Bijoy Govinda area on eleventh Langban. This festival is related to the Govindajee temple as the deities from the temple and palace are made to preside during the function.

It is boat race festival,and boat race is important part of this festival closely related to the Govindajee Temple.In boat race Narrow long boats are used for the race which accommodates a large number of rowers.Before the starting of the boat race, the idol of Shri Vishnu is installed who is supposed to preside over the function of Heikru Hitongba.  Brahmins Offerings of pieces of gold and silver before the presiding deities and idols and the leaders of the two crew parties.The crew-men show a spirited
performance. Each party tries its level best to complete with the other or even to overthrow the other boat.

This festival in Manipur is thus a festival of joy with a little religious significance and is widely celebrated every year with a lot of passion.

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