Indian Festival

Hareli Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival : Hareli Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Hareli Festival is celebrated in early period of rains, mostly in the month of July-August.

Major Territory of Celebration
Hareli Festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh.

About Festival
Hareli Festival is an important harvest festival in Madhya Pradesh .Gond tribes of Madhya Pradesh celebrate this festival . The festival is significant for the agriculturists of central India. On the day of festival farmers worship their farm equipment and cows.No one works the whole day.During this festival, the goddess of crop ‘Kutki Dai‘ is worshipped to ensure better harvest.Farmers place branches and leaves of Bhelwa tree in the fields and pray for a good crop.They also hang Neem branches at the main door of their homes to prevent seasonal diseases.

On the day of festival children play Gedi, when they walk on Bamboos and take part in the gedi race.In Malwa, the festival is called Harya Gondiya with the difference that it is women observed Vrat, in the month of Asadha. 

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