Indian Festival

Gugga Naumi Festival of Haryana

Name of Festival : Gugga Naumi

Major Territory of Celebration
Gugga Naumi is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh state of India

Time of celebration (Months)
Gugga Naumi celebrated in the month of Bhadon (January-September).

Worship in Festival
People worship the Gugga Pir or snake-worship

About Festival
Gugga Naumi festival is celebrated in the Haryana and Punjab state of India.This festival connected to snake-worship. Behind this festival number of legends have clustered around Gugga Pir or Zahir Pir (the saint).

This festival is celebrated in honor of Gugga Pir and generally falls in the lunar month of Bhadon (January-September). Gugga Pir is also referred to as Baggar wala because of his grave near Dadrewa near Ganga nagar. On the fay of festival devotees of Gugga Pir paint his image on the wall in turmeric.

People also paint the image of snakes in black color.On this festival Milk and butter milk are poured into the holes of the snake.On this day people make the dish sevian.

Devotee who carries it is called Pir’s house. On this day, devotional songs known as ‘Pir Kesolle’ are sung.

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