Indian Festival

Ghaila and Bidri Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival :Ghaila and Bidri

Time of celebration (Month)
Ghaila and Bidri festival is celebrated in month of Jyaistha (May- June).

Major Territory of Celebration
Ghaila and Bidri is celebrated by the Gonds of Madhya Pradesh.

About Festival
Ghaila is the ceremony of the earthen pot ,Gonds. It is an identical ceremony of the Akhadi or Akadhi (Akshya Tratiya) of the Hindus.Some rites is organized by the village head-man and after follows the sacrifice of five chickens by a Bhumia.

In Bidri ceremony sowing season is begins in Gondwana with the sacrifice of a goat . During this festival feast is arranged and served to the villagers.Rites are completed by the Baiga.

This festival is celebrated of transplantation of paddy seedlings by the Munda and other settled agricultural tribes of Chhotanagpur.

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