Gender prediction trick | Boy or Girl in Womb
Santan Prapti

Gender prediction trick | Boy or Girl in Womb

Today we will discuss about the gender prediction trick prevalent in the Indian Ruler Society.

Friends, conducting a gender test in India is an illegal act. We cannot get a gender test done by ultrasound or any medical facility. But since ancient times, there is always a lot of curiosity about whether a woman is a boy or a girl in the womb of India.

But we are free to speculate whether the child growing in the womb is a boy or a girl. We can also take the idea of ​​this from the change in the breast of women.

Changes in the size of breasts at different stages of women’s lifespan are quite common. Sometimes due to the change of food and also in pregnancy, the size of the breasts of women changes completely.

This method of finding out friends gender has been prevalent in Indian society since ancient times. There is no scientific evidence for this, just like it happens during most of the pregnancy, and it has been seen in the society. Because of this, this method of gender prediction is valid in society.

Friends, at the time of any pregnancy, either a boy or a girl will be in the womb of a woman, there is a lot of difference in their body. For this reason, different types of hormones are developed in the body in their upbringing as well, due to which we can tell you the change that takes place in the breast of a woman.

  • When the woman gets pregnant, after about 3 months, that is, in the fourth month, if the woman’s right breast looks a little bigger than the left breast, then it is believed that the woman has 1 son in her womb.
  • On the other hand, if the left breast of the woman is seen larger than the right breast of the woman. Because the woman herself can also check in front of the mirror. The woman has a daughter in her womb. Kanya Ratna will be received.
  • If a woman has a son in her womb and the hormonal changes that occur in the woman’s body due to the son’s. Due to this, the nipple of the woman’s breast becomes dark-colored. If it starts to look black then it is believed that the woman has a son in her womb.
  • If your breasts feel heavier, stronger, and larger than their size, then you are going to have a daughter, and if there is no significant change in your breasts, then you may have a son.
  • If milk comes first in the right place of a pregnant woman, then it is considered a sign of being a boy, and if milk comes in the left breast first, it is a sign of being a girl.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health, take special care of her nutrition. Is necessary.
If you want to go about the child in your womb, so that you can prepare for it in advance, then it is legitimate to know.

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