Gender prediction from face reading
Santan Prapti

Gender prediction from face reading

Hello friends, today we will discuss Gender prediction from face reading.  We all know that for any woman, the time of pregnancy is full of thrill, the baby growing in the womb of the woman brings a lot of happiness in the house, in this case not only the parents but every member of the house It is very curious to know whether the infant born in the womb is a boy or a girl. Gender prediction is a legal offense in the countries, because it has been misused in the country of India. So we can not get it done. Yes, but looking at the woman’s body, one can definitely guess or think about which child is in the womb. But friends, this is only an idea. You can never conform to a hundred percent.

Because sometimes pregnant women get Opposite Symptoms but it is very rare, today we will talk about how you can find out who is in the womb of a woman by looking at the woman’s face reading .

Knowing the gender of the baby in the womb with face reading

There are many such things that if we look closely, then the idea of ​​what is in the womb of a woman can be seen on the same face, on the basis of which gender has been present in Indian society since ancient times. Gender Prediction is being done.

Pregnant Nose shape:

If at the time of pregnancy, ie after one month of pregnancy, you see that the woman’s nose has become slightly larger. Meaning that even such a difference will not be seen that will be seen clearly, the nose of the woman has become big. A little nose seems big, which will be seen only by the person who sees it everyday. So, if the nose starts to look big, then there will be a boy in the womb of the woman.

Facial skin

If during pregnancy, the face skin of the woman glows, glows, looks beautiful, then it is believed that the woman will be born a girl.

At the same time, if the woman’s skin looks dry, then it is believed that there is a boy in the womb.

Even if the pimples are coming out on the face of the woman, it is still considered a sign of the boy.

If a woman’s hair is seen from a very dry dry, then there is a boy in the womb, and if the hair is shining, then it is considered a sign of a girl.

But friends sometimes see that the changes on the skin of the face can sometimes come to the opposite gender as well, many women have more hair fall before having a daughter and also appear thin and lifeless. Give.

Female spirit

Women who feel sad or remorse during the first trimester of pregnancy (first trimester) on a particular thing and everything in the second-third trimester. If sadness and remorse reflect on the face, it is said that the child to be born will be a boy.

Morning sickness

In the early period of pregnancy, if we see tiredness on the face of a woman in the morning, we see weakness, which we also call morning sickness. She seems too much. So there is a girl in the womb of the woman.

If the woman’s right eye appears large. Even then, it is considered a sign of having a son.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house. But friends, it is equally important. That we have to take full care of his health, it is necessary to take special care of his nutrition.

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