9 Dreams | Gender Prediction by Dreams | Astrology
Santan Prapti

9 Dreams | Gender Prediction by Dreams | Astrology

Hello friends, what are the dreams that indicate that a pregnant woman has a boy or a girl in her womb? When a woman is pregnant, then if the woman or the husband of the woman dreams, then what does those dreams mean.

These are some dreams that will indicate whether you have a boy or a girl in your womb

Everyone does not like eating chili and should not eat chilli during pregnancy, but if a woman sleeps during pregnancy, if she sees chilli in her dreams, whether she sees green chilli or red chili, see any chili It means that she has a daughter in her womb.

Just like everyone does not like eating chili, non-veg is not preferred in Indian Hindu Sanatan Samaj, but if the woman or the husband of a pregnant woman sees herself eating eggs in a dream or the woman also sees eggs in a dream So it means that he has a son in his womb.

If a couple or both a pregnant woman or her husband see inside the dream that they are looking at the sky, it is also considered a sign of their son being here.

If the couple sees an elephant inside the womb within a dream, then a healthy son is born in them.

If a pregnant woman finds herself thirsty inside the dream, and she is looking for water to dissipate the thirst in the dream, the dream means she will have a son.

If a woman sees pearls in a dream, or sees a garland of pearls, it means that the woman will get a daughter.

If a woman sees a cow’s calf in a dream during her pregnancy, the woman will get a son.

Seeing flour inside the dream during pregnancy is considered a sign of the fulfillment of a stalled work. If a woman sees the dough during pregnancy, it is believed that this dream will be achieved by her son or daughter whatever she wants.

Seeing water in a dream like watching water standing on the banks of a river, watching the water on the seashore, watching water standing on the banks of a pond, or seeing water inside a bucket in your house, seeing water in a pot, if it is a dream it means Have a son in the womb.

Friends, through the dream, the correct information about the gender of the child or the child is available or not, but it is most important that the child who is growing in the womb of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to take special care of her nutrition.

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