Facts affecting pregnancy,Infertility due to food
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Does it really take that long to become pregnant?

Hello friends, any Indian married woman dreams of becoming a mother. How long does it take to become pregnant. When any woman gets married, a few days after that, family members have an expectation from that new fledgling daughter-in-law that soon a small guest will come to their courtyard through this video of today we are going to discuss if the woman If you want to increase your family, then how many months does it take for any woman to become pregnant.
Friends, there is a huge misunderstanding in our society that the couple can get pregnant in any month,

Facts affecting pregnancy

But this friends is absolutely wrong, it does not happen. A lot of research has been done on this, based on which very shocking facts have come out and friends, this is research done on foreign soil, whereas we Indians live in an unclean environment, among the top polluted cities of the world. 10 city is an Indian city, our food is toxic even today, our body’s capacity is gradually decreasing, so we can say that the capacity of Indian women will definitely be affected by this thing.

You just think our food is not pure, the air we are breathing, the air is not pure. Our lifestyles are not exactly according to our scriptures, so will the capacity of our body not decrease in such a way? .

When the capacity of the body decreases, then the fertility also decreases because this is the only work in the body that requires a lot of energy and strength, then the capacity of the body matters a lot.

Friends, I had read a report about 15 to 20 years ago in the Amar Ujala paper that the fertility capacity of men (capacity of fertility in men) is decreasing and this report was from Australia where research was done on it. The environment of Australia is much better than the Indian environment is pure, the population is very low, so do you think that this capacity will not be reduced in Indian men?

Infertility due to food

If the woman wants to be pregnant then she should pay attention to her food. Fast food has become quite popular in India these days, let us tell you that women who eat fast food are not able to get pregnant quickly, their pregnancy capacity starts to get weak, I have seen that even in big cities, women are pregnant. Before treatment, one has to get his treatment, but this does not apply to every couple.

If you take 100 couples and check that if they have been trying since the first month, then in how many months, in how many months can a woman become pregnant.

In the first month, very few couples are able to try the child in the first month, about 15 to 20
And out of about 70 couples who are left, 50-60 are able to succeed in their efforts for the next 5 months.
90 out of 100 get successful for about 1 year.
4 to 5 couples take up to 2 years.

What to do to have children

It is not that they are unwell or they do not have the capacity, their ability is also good and they are healthy even after that it takes so much time, understand this if you do not succeed after trying for 2 to 4 months. If you are getting it does not mean that you are lacking in any kind,

Couples who are regularly in touch, live in relation, have children soon.

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