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Chovoth or Ganesh Chaturthi Festival of India

Name of Festival : Chovoth or Ganesh Chaturthi

Time of celebration (Month)
This festival is celebrated on Bhadarva Shukla-Paksh of Hindu calendar in (August/September).

Major Territory of Celebration
Ganesh Chaturthi is important festival of Goa and all over India

Worship in Festival
This festival is dedicated to Lord Ganesh.

About Festival
Ganesh Chaturthi is important festival of India and celebrated all over India. In Goa it is almost national festival Ganesh Chaturthi known as ‘Chovoth’.Along with Lord Ganesh,son of Goddess Gouri and Lord Mahadev and people also worshipped on this occasion.

On this day people draw the image of Gouri on the paper and the Lord Mahadev is drawn on a coconut. Married women observe fast on this occasion.

First day of Festival people bring a clay idol of Lord Ganesh to their home. On this occasion people prepared the pavilion with betel nuts, coconut, bananas, braches of mango tree and other necessary items.The puja of Ganapati goes on until mid-day. The puja is performed with the help of the priest.All the necessary ritualsis performed and prayer to GOD.

Second day of festival in the evening or at night, after performing the uttara puja of the image of Ganapati, it is taken in procession and immersed into the sea, creek, river, lake or well. Some people perform the immersion ceremony on the fifth, seventh or ninth day.

Third days of Chovoth means, days of great rejoicing for children. Girls collect different types and shapes of leaves for Gauri, Mahadev and Ganapati.Flower decoration contests are held. On this day at least five vegetables are cooked. Aartis is a special performance on the occasion of the Ganapati festival.

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