Indian Festival

Chherta Festival of Madhya Pradesh

Name of Festival :Chherta Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Chherta Festival is come on the last day of the month of Pausa (December-January).

Major Territory of Celebration
Chherta Festival is celebrated in the Madhya Pradesh state of India.

About Festival
This festival is for opening new accounts in Chhattisgarh.This Festival is considered to be the New Year day for opening new accounts in Chhattisgarh. People sacrificed the Fowls and goats and performed a dance Karma in whole night.

The boys and girls of Mandla district like Gond, the Bhumia, the Panka and even the non- Adivasi are celebrate this festival .Groups of both boys and girls are formed and they go shouting from house to house. A special dish called ‘khichhari’ is prepared by the children on this occasion . The feast held during this festival, called ‘Khichharahi’, derives its name from this dish.

Boy and girls perform a act when meal gets ready,a boy or a girl is chosen to act as a crow . They place some food on the leaf-platter and placed it on the ground. Then the boy or the girl acting as the crow approaches it to take the leaf-platter. The crow angrily caws at them a few times and at the convenient moment snatches the leaf-platter and runs away. After it act all children sit down and eat their meal from the leaf plates. Towards evening they all return home.

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