Indian Festival

What is Festival

Any festival is mainly celebrated as a symbol. Most festivals are inspired by an event, or inspired by a divine spirit, and within most festivals, there is a message hidden.

Most of the festivals are religious and national. Within the festivals, there is mainly a message of national unity, humanity, social coordination, and walking on the path of truth.

Many festivals also give the message of what we were, what we have to do, and how we have to live.

People gather for the festival with enthusiasm, and people remember the message hidden inside it while celebrating the festival. Resolve to bring it into your life.

India is such a country, where there is some celebration somewhere inside the country every day. The festival is celebrated.

Within this Indian festival category, we have discussed most of the major festivals celebrated inside India.

In which part of India are these festivals celebrated, why are they celebrated and what are the reasons behind it?

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