Breastfeeding Benefits to a baby
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Breastfeeding Benefits to a baby

How much breastfeeding benefits does a small child? We do not know this, and inadvertently understand the market’s weak product more important than mother’s milk.

Friends, due to the propaganda of multinational companies nowadays, women or family members do not take so much interest in feeding a mother’s newborn baby. As much as they use the food products found in the market.

Mother’s milk is a unique offering from God to the newborn. It only and only benefits the baby in every form. Its importance can be understood from this, that mother’s milk contains enough nutrients. And the baby does not even need to drink water for six months. Breastfeeding of breast milk to the child with the mother’s milk strengthens the immune system. Also prevents jaundice, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases, colds, and colds.

  • The emotional relationship between mother and child is strengthened.
    Breastfeeding babies have a 50 to 95 percent lower chance of infection due to the antibodies found in breast milk.
  • Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of infant breathing and severe eczema in childhood.
  • Children’s intellectual capacity increases.
  • Breast-fed infants are less likely to develop diabetes than normal.
  • From one month to one of age there is a risk of ‘sudden infant death syndrome’. Mother’s milk protects the baby from it.
  • Breastfeeding provides beneficial (probiotic) bacteria, which can relieve any inflammation, pain, or inflammation in the infant’s digestive system.
  • The digestive system of the child becomes strong, it reduces diarrhea, flatulence, constipation.
  • Mother’s milk is full of antibacterial elements, which protect the baby from obesity, diabetes, asthma, and many other diseases.
  • Babies are less prone to contagious disease because they also reach the infant through milk due to the presence of antibodies in the mother.
  • Breastfeeding helps the baby to keep his body temperature normal. In addition to providing warmth to it, skin-to-skin touch further strengthens the emotional bond between you and your baby.
  • When the baby is sick and unable to eat anything when he is a little older, then he can get a lot of rest if he is breastfeeding. Breast milk can also help her recover quickly.
  • Breastfeeding your baby before or immediately after vaccination can help calm him down.
  • Breastfeeding protects the baby from allergies and reduces the risk of infection.