boy or girl is seen in a dream | Baby Gender Prediction
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7 Dreams | Boy or girl in the womb | Baby Gender Prediction

The woman becomes pregnant inside the family and the market of speculation gets heated.
Women are observed in various ways.
About his food and drink,
About his habits,
About the changes in his body,
It is tried to know more, whether the woman has a son or daughter in the womb. Friends anyway do not work 100%, but still due to curiosity, we try to know what we cannot know.
Friends, in view of this curiosity, some dreams have been told in our scriptures in ancient times, whose arrival means a son or daughter in the womb.

When children are seen inside a dream, that is, the appearance of children in a pregnant woman’s dream, it has many meanings in baby gender prediction.

The little girl in the dream

If the pregnant woman sees a small girl inside the dream, it means that there is a boy in her house,

The little boy in the dream

If the pregnant woman sees a small boy 0inside the same dream, then according to astrology, there is 1 girl in her womb.

Other ways to do gender prediction by children

Friends, not only this, there are other ways in which gender friction is done in society by young children.
For example, if you have a small baby boy in your family or home, he should be brought to a pregnant woman and if he plays with a pregnant woman, shows interest in her enlarged belly, touches, teases, So it is believed that there is a daughter in a womb at home.

And if that boy, that child does not show any interest in the pregnant woman, then it is believed that there is a boy in the woman’s womb.

Friends, if a little girl likes a woman who is pregnant, then the chances of having a boy in her womb are considered. If a small child, the boy likes the pregnant woman greatly. Wishes to be near him. So it is believed that the woman has a daughter in the womb.
Friends, there are some other dreams that coming, seeing, confirms having a son in the womb.

If the couple sees the lamp inside their dreams, and that lamp is seen burning in very dark darkness, then it is considered an auspicious sign that they get a son child. Which elevates his and his family’s name in society. Known far and wide.

If either of the wife or husband sees the discovery of water inside the dream or discovers the water themselves, and the next month that is the next period stops because of pregnancy. They have children who come here,

Friends, through the dream, the correct information about the gender of the child or the child is available or not, but it is most important that the child who is growing in the womb of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to take special care of her nutrition. .

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